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At The Emotional Intelligence Company, we help leaders like you develop the enhanced emotional intelligence to drive change. For over two decades, we’ve collaborated with MDs, CEOs, managers, coaches, and consultants to create thriving environments that build the loyalty, trust, transparency and support they need to lead their teams to success. 

We know that understanding your own and others’ emotions is the difference between incredible effectiveness and severe dysfunction. We also know that high performing leaders, coaches and innovators don’t just get the job done – they excel at each task while inspiring those around them to do the same. 

Emotional Intelligence is the differentiator between mild success and outstanding achievements – regardless of intellectual intelligence – and our aim is to help you develop your own EI and enhance your relationships with the people you lead. Are you ready to lead yourself – and others – to success? 

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Meet our team

We’ve spent over two decades collaborating with over 25% of the Times Top 200 organisations worldwide. We’ve helped leaders, coaches and consultants like you transform their leadership approach, enhance their performance, inspire their teams and drive change.

What our clients say

We know that the world’s top coaches, thought leaders and innovators are harnessing the power of EI to outperform their peers – and we’re passionate about helping professionals like you to do the same.

  • Executive Coach, Leadership and Management Development Trainer

    “Emotional Intelligence Company has great knowledge and application of the tools from years of experience. Trainers are excellent ambassadors for EI concepts and their value in life and business. Apart from learning more about myself, I learned how to assess and feedback to others using the concepts for further development. EI is something highly valuable in industry and helps individuals become more effective. ”

  • Head of Global HR

    “The EQ-i 2.0 Certification was valuable to ensure that as HR and L&D professionals, we are using the ‘gold star’ resources to develop our current and future leaders. Emotional Intelligence Company were exceptional trainers and has a wealth of experience to help HR and L&D professionals integrate this resource into the HR portfolio tool kit. ”

  • Head of Resources and IT

    “I didn’t know what to expect from 1:1 coaching as I had not used this in a management development context before. The results from a wide spectrum of individuals both high-fliers and lower performance were consistently good. Ei. Company made sure they understood the issues and requirements from a business, managerial and individual perspective and within a short timescale achieved results. All of the people have grown in confidence and outlook and are achieving significantly better performance for our business. ”

  • HR Consultant, Facilitator & HR Coach

    “The pre-workshop preparation and communication was excellent so I was really looking forward to attending the training. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, team are excellent trainers, coaches and facilitators. Their passion for the EQ-i 2.0 tool is obvious and their approach and methods made it very easy to understand how best to use the tool for the benefit of our clients. Coaches are very generous with their time, materials and ideas and I’d have no hesitation in recommending the accreditation training they offer. ”

  • Organizational development consultant, leadership development expert

    “I had the pleasure of doing the EQ-i 2.0 certification with Emotional Intelligence Company and was extremely happy with their professionalism, knowledge and efficiency.  Ei Company’s great ability to connect the tools, content, form and context to my demands elevated the learning experience and allowed me to harvest its benefits faster than usual. After the certification period, Ei Company’s attention to emerging needs also increased my use of the tool and the development it provides. ”

  • Vice President Performance Excellence

    “I worked with the Ei. Company team for over ten years in the areas of senior team and individual development, coaching and behavioral development. Their results have helped me build strong teams with common goals and improved individual and team behaviors, critical in achieving and maintaining high performance. We have also improved personal and team effectiveness, self-awareness and recognition of the impact on others. Our ability to tackle difficult, often seemingly unachievable objectives and challenges has also grown. ”

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