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They harness the power of emotional intelligence to transform the people around them into high performers who succeed. Understanding your own and others’ emotions is the difference between incredible effectiveness and severe dysfunction. It’s the difference between completing a job and excelling at the task while inspiring those around you to do the same.

Are you ready to develop the highly valuable leadership skill that will let you outperform the rest?

What can we help you achieve?

At The Emotional Intelligence Company, we’ve spent over two decades helping leaders like you develop their emotional intelligence to enhance performance, inspire teams, and drive change.

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  • Transformational leadership

    Developing your EI will help you recognise your feelings, moods and emotions – and how they impact on the people they lead. Aside from boosting your own wellbeing, confidence and communication skills, EI can help you enhance the workplace environment, nurture relationships and inspire the productivity you need to drive results.

  • Aligned team values

    Understanding your own and others’ emotions helps establish the cooperation and trust you need to excel as a team. Advanced EI can also help you build a thriving company culture that energises the people you lead, positively shifts mindsets, and spurs success.

  • Outstanding profit performance

    When it comes to leadership success, leaders with high EI are surpassing those with similar – or higher – IQs. Emotional intelligence is linked to higher levels of group satisfaction, synergy, achievement and profit performance. In fact, a UK study revealed that emotionally intelligent managers achieved almost 15% higher annual profit growth.

As Master Trainers in emotional intelligence we’ve got over twenty years’ experience helping leaders, coaches and consultants like you transform their leadership approach. With emotional intelligence making its way into the business mainstream, we’re helping organisations worldwide to build positive company cultures, enhance performance, inspire their teams and drive change.

Our training and services

Giving you a thorough grasp of EI’s core principles, we use accelerated learning techniques to help you gain a deep understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, how it’s measured, and how to rate your own EI using EQ-i 2.0, the world’s most scientifically validated assessment.

  • 1:1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching

    Effective leadership starts with knowing (and managing) your feelings, moods and emotions – and our personalised EI coaching will help you do just that. You’ll grasp the five core principals of EI – and harness these to gain the emotional balance that will accelerate your leadership potential. As you enhance your confidence, assertiveness, influence, communication and relationship skills, we’ll work with you to create a thriving company culture that’s built on trust, collaboration, productivity and outstanding performance. Click here to find out more about the outcomes of our personalised EI coaching.

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  • Team Emotional Intelligence Training

    EI can benefit anyone at any level and stage of their career. There’s strength in numbers, and the more you expose your team to EI, the greater the impact you can make. From aligning values and connecting with each other to boosting morale, productivity and company culture – our EI team training has helped organisations around the world to excel as a team and outperform their peers. Click here to find out more about the outcomes of our team training.

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  • Advanced Leadership Development

    Our interactive workshops are the perfect starting point for developing your understanding of Emotional Intelligence. You’ll gain an insight into the core principles of EI – self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making and stress management. You’ll also learn invaluable techniques to improve your leadership skills. These include managing stress, controlling impulses, building strong interpersonal relationships and enhancing wellbeing and happiness for both yourself and those that you lead. Click here to find out more about the outcomes of advanced leadership development.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

    Our interactive training workshop gives you a deep understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, how it’s measured, and how to rate your own EI using the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 assessment method. Using approved techniques for accelerated learning, you’ll expand your knowledge and understanding of EI and its five core principles – self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making and stress management. You’ll also receive a personal workbook and development plan that will let you track your EI progress and seamlessly apply your newfound skills to daily situations.

What our clients say

We know that the world’s top coaches, thought leaders and innovators are harnessing the power of EI to outperform their peers – and we’re passionate about helping professionals like you to do the same. Here are just a few of our transformational stories…

  • Head of Resources and IT

    “I didn’t know what to expect from 1:1 coaching as I had not used this in a management development context before. The results from a wide spectrum of individuals both high-fliers and lower performance were consistently good. Ei. Company made sure they understood the issues and requirements from a business, managerial and individual perspective and within a short timescale achieved results. All of the people have grown in confidence and outlook and are achieving significantly better performance for our business. ”

  • Vice President Performance Excellence

    “I worked with the Ei. Company team for over ten years in the areas of senior team and individual development, coaching and behavioral development. Their results have helped me build strong teams with common goals and improved individual and team behaviors, critical in achieving and maintaining high performance. We have also improved personal and team effectiveness, self-awareness and recognition of the impact on others. Our ability to tackle difficult, often seemingly unachievable objectives and challenges has also grown. ”

  • Enhancing my operating and functioning at a senior and executive level

    “My need for coaching was to enable me to make the transition from Manager to Director in a £100m turnover company. My self-awareness and the ability to recognise and understand myself, let alone other people, was very underdeveloped. Enter Ei. Company and a coaching programme!  We had a structured plan from the outset with the coaching sessions and kept a developmental action plan to support and help me proactively apply the actions. There was acknowledgement (from my manager) over a period of 12 months how much I had changed in my responses and empathy towards others and this enabled me to reach a Director position. With Ei. Company's support as my coach, I started to work on my style of leadership with former peers now as direct reports. Having received feedback that I am good at initiating contact and creating favourable impressions, I approach everything with a high degree of optimism and enthusiasm. The coaching has enabled me to tune into situations more effectively and to learn from experiences. ”

  • Programme Director

    “Being honest, I was sceptical to "the pink fluffy stuff"... I was focused on getting the job done and wasn't recognising how I did it through my values, beliefs and emotions.  Having worked closely with an Ei. Company coach, I was able to increase  my personal performance by effectively engaging my emotional intellect, with a better understanding of how I can positively and negatively impact myself and those around me. I would recommend EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360  coaching at all levels of an organisation. Business effectiveness will come through  and team dynamics will be enhanced, leading to a positive delivery outcome through to the bottom line and delighted customers. ”

  • Head of Human Resources

    “We worked with Ei. Company to support our newly formed and evolving senior leadership and management teams.  This included facilitating team days focused on developing behaviour of the leadership group, growing team relationships and exploring opportunities to develop higher levels of cohesiveness and performance together. Outputs included stronger relationships between peers and teams, a site vision developed by participants and agreed behaviours amongst leadership groups. We look forward to the next step on our journey with support from Ei. Company. ”

  • Head of Human Resources

    “We partner with Ei. Company on a range of key initiatives. One is using the EQ-i 2.0 assessment and interpretation in our hiring processes to focus interview content on finding strong alignment between candidate EI profile and the company vision on leadership and workplace culture. Leading to high quality, insightful conversations with candidates about how their emotional intelligence profile would work well with (or might present challenges with) where we wanted to go with the company. It directly led to better hiring decisions (for candidate and company) and improved early success rates of new hires in leadership positions. ”

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