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Why Top Coaches Are Using Emotional Intelligence (And Why You Should, Too)

By Gary Hosey

The best coaches know that tuning into their own – and their clients’ – emotions lets them excel at their job. They’re proving that recognising their clients’ passions is allowing them to develop the most successful strategies for reaching goals and aspirations. The game-changing trick? Emotional intelligence.

Coaches are hired to help and enable people to reach peak performance. They have the vision, insight and hands-on experience to recognise the potential for change while influencing and inspiring their clients along the way. In short, a coach can have a profound impact on the professional development of their clients. It’s for this reason that the world’s most successful coaches are using emotional intelligence to take their coaching standards to the next level.

Why emotional intelligence?

For coaches, the ability to understand – and manage – both their own and others’ emotions is key to high performance and outstanding leadership. A coach’s actions, behaviours, words and expressions can affect both the performance and trust of their clients. Developing emotional intelligence (EI) allows coaches to recognise and manage these moods, emotions and actions to enhance communication, relationships, and ultimately, results.

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A transformational approach

Coaches, by nature, are tasked with creating a safe and confidential environment for clients to realise their potential, develop their skills and thrive. Developing emotional intelligence helps coaches to remain kind, calm, direct, and respectful for optimal results.

Coaches with high EI also demonstrate impeccable (appreciative) listening skills and enhanced perception. This in turn allows them to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to the needs of each individual. Furthermore, they’re able to recognise and perceive undesirable beliefs or behaviour and address these in thoughtful, non-judgmental ways that facilitate self-awareness, change and optimal results.

The benefits EI for clients

Emotionally intelligent coaches don’t just reap the benefits for themselves – their clients are also thriving. EI helps coaches connect with their clients in a more meaningful way. This in turn builds the trust, transparency, cooperation, and confidence to shift limiting mindsets, inspire action and spur success. The result? Clients feel energised, motivated, inspired and capable of achieving their goals and aspirations.

What next?

We’ve established how and why the most successful coaches are using emotional intelligence to drive performance. We’ve also taken a look at how EI is having a positive impact on the clients that they lead. Want to learn more about how you too can develop the emotional intelligence to be the next success story? Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Expand your personal understanding of emotional intelligence – and score yourself with the world’s most used EI measure the EQ-i 2.0 assessment.
  • Develop your coaching skills with our one-to-one emotional intelligence coaching.
  • Enhance your coaching by gaining the essential skills and EQ-i 2.0 EQ360 Certification to make a bigger positive impact on your clients.

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